Amazon is stringent when it comes to their policies. This is to be expected, given the fact that they are the largest online selling platform in the world. Sellers are expected to abide by the regulations, and it is known that Amazon does not take violations and infringements lightly. 

That said, there are still sellers that try to play the system and walk a tightrope. Despite Amazon explicitly stating their intolerance with multiple accounts in their Seller Code of Conduct, many entrepreneurs are still creating stealth accounts. Some are fortunate enough to get away with it, but several others do not share the same luck. Either they get suspended or completely banned from the platform, costing them their business.

What does Amazon have to say about multiple accounts?

According to Amazon,

“You may only maintain one Seller Central account for each region in which you sell unless you have a legitimate business need to open a second account and all of your accounts are in good standing. If any of your accounts are not in good standing, we may deactivate all of your selling accounts until all accounts are in good standing.”

It is obvious that opening more than one seller account without approval is subject to a heavy reprimand. And even if you are approved, one mistake with any of your accounts and all other accounts take the fall.  Sure, it isn’t the end and you can actually set up shop again with those same accounts, but it could take a while to prove your case and appeal successfully to have your selling privileges back. 

Can I have multiple Amazon accounts?  

Short answer: hard yes.

Technically you can’t, but as stated above, you can be allowed to have more than one account if “you have a legitimate business need”. What does this mean? There are many situations where your situation can qualify as a legitimate business need like owning multiple brands that need separate business or manufacturing products for two different companies. 

As a seller who is privy to the terms and conditions of Amazon, you must first assess the level of necessity for a second or more account. Stealth accounts are a big no-no, and it is only a matter of time before Amazon finds out or competitors and non-friendly entities out you. 

Amazon seeks to level the playing field for everyone to ensure safe selling and buying experience. They review accounts on a case-to-case basis, and it could take time and precious resources for them to reconsider and rescind their suspension. 

That is why it is not only important to obtain an approval and prove the distinction of your businesses that have individual accounts; it is equally necessary to make sure you have reviewed all stipulated rules in the Code of Conduct to avoid any violations in any of your account. 

Bottom line

To get a definite authorization, your accounts should have completely different account details and must be logged in on separate computers for good measure. It is also best to sell different products in different categories so you stay completely off the radar.

Lastly, backup accounts for when your main accounts get suspended should not be created at any point in time. This will only exacerbate things, and your chances of selling again will considerably dwindle. Remember: Amazon, no matter how long it takes, will always eventually know. And they do not let you off the hook that easily.