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Reinstatement involves many factors and our service depends on individual cases. It is our job to make sure Amazon understands that mistakes are inevitable as you are only human, but we DO NOT GUARANTEE reinstatement. Amazon might refuse to cooperate in some instances, and we have no control over their response time. Despite our high success rate, we cannot guarantee any outcome.

Running an e-commerce business is a constant risk, that is why we require from our clients full cooperation on matters regarding legitimate supply chain acquisition and other appeal-related activities. We do not sign any forms on behalf of clients.


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Potentially Inauthentic (supply check)

When you are listing products on a merchant-fulfilled Amazon Seller Account, more often than not, Amazon would want to check if you have a valid suppy chain and authentic invoices. After all, it it against Amazon’s Terms of Service to list items that don’t have retained invocies for. With this type of Suspension, we help put together a plan of action that can help in making Amazon understand the situation

regardless if we sold the ones they are asking for or not be able to build confidence with Amazon to reinstate and start selling again. In some cases, we can even help sellers in finding and building relationships with brands and manufacturers in which Amazon may
also require letters of authorization and invoices from.


Listing & Page Detail Discrepancies

When the items you sell do not match the detail pages they are listed against, this could be grounds for suspension. But Amazon may also suspend your account due to error on their part. Your account can remain suspended without selling privileges even after making changes. Amazon will review compliance changes and policy adherence before they consider reinstatement, and specialized letters need to be written for this purpose. Our team at Appeal Assassins knows what Amazon is looking for with regards to both detail pages and appeal content. 


Sale of Prohibited Product/s

If your account is suspected to have item listings that do not comply with their product laws and regulations, it may get suspended by Amazon. But Amazon sometimes suspends accounts due to error on their end, and reinstatement is bound to be difficult even after action has been taken on the account. For just or unjust suspensions, trust in Appeal Assassins to write a letter tailored to help reinstate your account.

The sale of illegal, unsafe, and restricted products is strictly prohibited if you are selling on Amazon. Make sure that if you’re getting into a new product, do some research and review product help pages before listing online to make sure it’s not restricted. You need to be in compliance with all of Amazon’s product laws and regulations. Selling restricted goods can ruin storefronts overnight, so if you can’t figure it out yourself, contact us for consultation. But Appeal Assassins will not be responsible for the status of a seller’s store.


Item Condition Complaints

Accounts are often hit by customer complaints regarding used items that are sold as new. These complaints could be false in that the new item was damaged en route to the customer, but accounts still get suspended once complaints are filed. Whatever the reason of your item condition suspension is, and regardless if the items are not considered used by Amazon’s policies hence an unjust suspension, Appeal Assassins can write appeals to help sellers receive fair and proper judgment from Amazon.


Order Defect Rate

Any item that was returned, had damaged packaging, or was opened but not used cannot be labeled as “new” pursuant to Amazon’s conditions policy. Even though the product is brand new and never used, it may have damage to the packaging or previously opened and later returned. This can severely impact your ODR, and if it is higher than 1%, it will cost you your Buy Box and your selling privileges. A good plan of action has to be submitted to Amazon within 17 days to reinstate your account. Your ODR is mostly influenced by A-to-Z claims and negative feedback, so carefully examine and filter them to maintain your ODR and prevent account suspension. Track down recurring problems and rectify them immediately so they don’t cause long-term damage to the account.



Often new accounts encounter account verification issues. As a result, they get flagged unreasonably by the Amazon’s system, hence curtailing their selling privileges before they even start selling on the platform. Appeals would have to be sent in, and even then those containing all the proper information are often rejected. Each account and each suspension would need tailored-fit appeals that contain correct information and have the right combination of personal documents to be submitted. Online repeat prompts are too generic and will simply not apply.


Fair Pricing Policy

Any type of market manipulation is prohibited in Amazon, and fair pricing policies are put in place to prevent sellers from creating sudden changes in market conditions. Price hikes based on sudden changes in demand are usually suppressed to prevent manipulation of item prices. This allows Amazon to keep market prices where few sellers can compete. Those accounts that are flagged for violating fair pricing policies can be not only suspended, but closed down entirely. Appeal Assassins has a legal team ready to help sellers through the grueling process of taking back their accounts. 


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