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Why Amazon Accounts Get Suspended?

Scenarios That Could Cause Your Amazon Account Halted

Amazon is such a huge eCommerce platform that has been in this business for more than 20 years now. They have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of members logging in and out of the service daily. It’s important for a website like this to maintain its reputation as a fair, and clean e-commerce company. That’s why there are rules in place to govern its thriving marketplace.

There are three possible reasons why Amazon could suspend your account temporarily, and these are:

  • Your performance in the marketplace is unsatisfactory, especially in terms of customer service.
  • You have, whether unknowingly or willingly, committed an infraction of Amazon’s existing terms and conditions.
  • One of the products in your inventory is not allowed to be traded in Amazon’s marketplace.

How to Reinstate a Suspended Amazon Seller Account

It’s not the end of the world yet if you suddenly open your account and you find that Amazon has suspended you from selling in its marketplace. If you believe that your violations are not intentional or that your suspension is undeserved, you could make appeal for Amazon account reactivation.

Before you can do that, however, you will need a plan of action. Consider your suspension appeal process as similar to a case that you file in court. Before you go into filing, a lawyer will tell you to gather your facts and paperwork first so you can make sure that you have a solid case to take into court. This way, your chances of winning the case and being awarded damages are high.

Your best of course of action at this point is to open your suspended account, and explore the possible reasons why your seller privilege has been revoked by Amazon. You might want to first visit the “Customer Metrics” section of your account, and see if there are notifications of complaints there that you may have missed.

This is very important. The history of complaint notifications that you can find in the Customer Metrics section will provide the groundwork for your dispute. In other words, you’ll know what complaints you can explain to Amazon about as you work to get your account reinstated as soon as possible.


When you have your facts determined and your grounds for appeal established, it’s time to write that Amazon reinstatement letter.

    Writing an Amazon Reinstatement Letter

    Your reinstatement letter is, basically, your statement of appeal to Amazon to reinstate your account. Again, we reiterate the importance of first going through your Customer Metrics section and what possible causes there may have been to lead the e-commerce giant to close down your account.

    Go through the facts of your appeal one by one, and establish your case with Amazon. Cite possible complaints, and establish your dispute to inform Amazon why you think you did not violate its rules and regulations and why your account must be restored to working status as soon as possible.

    Take your time when writing the letter. Please don’t rush, because your letter is your only chance to reach out to Amazon and lay down your side of the dispute. Go through the letter once and see if you’ve missed anything, and then rewrite. Proofread the letter again a couple more times before submitting to Amazon.

    Be mindful of the language you use when writing the appeal letter to Seller Performance as well. Remember that being rude towards Amazon staff is counterproductive, and will only result to further delays in your reinstatement process.

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      Your Appeal Options

      Moderate Appeal cases


      Moderate suspensions are the least in terms of severity, and has the higher chances of reinstatement upon appeal. Satisfying the following criteria can trigger a Moderate suspension of your account:

      • Complaints received on the authenticity of the product being sold. One complaint may not have an impact, but getting three gives you a higher risk of being suspended.
      • Discrepancies between the listing title and the product detail pages. This usually happens when someone tries to optimize the listing title for certain searches and do not bother to do the same with the product detail page.
      • Intentional misrepresentation of a second-hand product as brand new in order to fetch a higher price in the market.
      • Unaddressed verification problems.
      • There are multiple complaints of defects from customers upon receiving the products.
      • You are selling a prohibited product.


      Difficult Appeal cases


      The second tier in our list of Amazon suspensions, the Difficult type of suspension is more severe, and could be a little bit difficult to reinstate. However, it’s not impossible – you just need to write up a good appeal letter and approach the process wisely.

      The following are the violations that could possibly result into a “Difficult” suspension:

      • Complaints received on the authenticity of the product being sold, similar to the Moderate suspension.
      • Intellectual property complaints – you may be selling products that are trademarked, and needs a license from the trademark owner in order to be sold. This can also apply to sellers who are intentionally selling fake or counterfeit copies of trademarked products.
      • You are selling a prohibited product.
      • In the case of perishable products, you have delivered or sold items that are way past their expiry dates. You will need to receive multiple complaints which you did not address in order to trigger this suspension.
      • You have committed violations of Amazon’s Fair Price Policy, Code of Conduct, and Dropshipping Policy.
      • Your account has been found to be linked to an old account that has been suspended. This is why you must avoid opening a new account without appealing the suspension of an existing one under your name.



      Unique Appeal Cases


      Unique suspensions are the most difficult to appeal. However, the circumstances that trigger this kind of suspension are also unique, and the criteria are not always easy to satisfy. These include:

      • Multiple accounts
      • Cases that are outside the scope of the previous two types of suspensions, but still constitute as violations of Amazon’s rules and regulations.



      Conversion rate of appeal cases.

      Number of Cases Appealed

      Average # of Weeks for Reinstatement

      Tips on How to Avoid an Amazon Account Suspension

      In the future, it’s best to avoid being suspended. Here are some tips that could help you be on the safe side all the time while you’re selling at Amazon:


      • Keep yourself updated with your performance. You may have missed complaints, addressing which could improve your seller metrics AND avoid possibility of suspension.
      • Download the Amazon mobile app. It can help you keep track of complaints, messages and notifications on the go.
      • Do not ignore notifications. If you receive one, make a mental note and set a time to look at the details to see what the problem is.
      • Consider removing any product or ASINs that have consistently brought you problems or complaints from your customers. It’s a sign that said product is not selling well at all and is pulling your performance metrics down.
      • Keep updated with Amazon’s rules and regulations. Ignorance is not an excuse, especially with mountains of resources available on the Internet.
      • Do not assume that, if you’re a big seller, you will not get hit with a penalty. While complaints are far and few for established sellers, there could still arise some problems that could get your account locked down by Amazon.


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