We all know that Amazon has been dominating the world of E-commerce to date, and while there are lots of competition in the selling business, keeping your Amazon account moving itself can be a challenge. 

As an Amazon seller, it’s known vital to be well-informed on how Amazon selling works. From verification, listing, fulfillment to complaints, you need to play with patience all to continue your selling privileges on the Amazon platform.

Recently, there has been an increase in Amazon complaints relating to Intellectual Property – common cause for seller suspensions – and its complexity can become a real head-scratcher for sellers. It loses your ability to sell, worse account shut down. 

What is Intellectual Property? 

Intellectual property (IP) sums up in three categories: Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents.

  • Trademark – is pointing distinctly to the origin or ownership of source goods or services (name, symbol, or design) to which applied and legally reserved for the exclusive use of the owner as maker or seller. 
  • Copyright – exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute the matter and form of something (such as a literary, musical, or artistic work. 
  • Patents – exclusive or proprietary claims or pretensions of ideas such as inventions or technological processes.

What is IP Infringement Suspension?  

IP Infringement starts if an established seller discovers that you’re selling corresponding products that are similar to them. It may be proven as counterfeit item and file you a complaint. 

Amazon allows customers and rights owners to file a complaint if a product seems inauthentic or counterfeit due to the poor quality of the product. 

That’s why most large brands and manufacturers file complaints against other Amazon seller’s accounts. If you’re selling a product that has the brand name, patent, trademark, etc. of a certain company and selling items cheaper than they have, they’ll expectedly file Intellectual Property complaint against you. 

Once Amazon is notified, they’ll remove your listings and suspend your seller account which barred you to profit. That’s where suspension experts comes in. (appealassassins.com) 

How to prevent IP complaints to happen?

To protect your Amazon account from pertaining intellectual property rights complaints, know the imperative measures to prevent before selling on Amazon. To make sure you’re not infringing upon another’s intellectual property rights, you can check www.uspto.gov to verify if the product you’re planning to sell is already registered or protected. 

You’ve been reported violating IP rights, what to do? 

Whether it’s legit or alleged intellectual property complaints, it’ll epitome in one result – suspension of your seller account

Most companies, if not all, have taken essential precautions and registered their IP. They’ve got monitoring systems that’ll alert them should there are infringement suspicions cited with their products. If your product appears to have the same characteristics of a registered brand or company, that grounds you to suspension – and you seriously need appeal experts to get your account reinstated. 

Proving Your Product is Authentic 

Establishing authenticity might come easy if you did not infringe anyone’s intellectual property rights. You need to provide all invoices and documents to prove you’re selling only and only authentic items. 

There are many times where complaints are baseless. Some companies and manufacturers see every business as competition, and likely file constituting infringement towards your listing or seller account. When this occurs, you’ll need professional experts to appeal and demonstrate how your product is unique, authentic, original, and not infringing on anyone’s IP rights. 


If the rights owner does not retract its complaint, you’ll likely suffer from suspension and put halt your selling privileges. This is where reinstatement experts come to help. Appeal experts like appealassassins.com clearly make plain or understandable drafts that explains how your product item came from an authorized seller and that there’s no IP violations taken. 

There are lots of companies mistakenly allege infringement on amazon seller accounts, and when this unfortunate happens to you, make sure you have all your authenticity documents et al ready, and make it a burden to complaining party for them to voluntary retract the complaint. 

Let appeal experts do the reinstatement for you. Get back your selling privileges on Amazon fast and smooth. As always.