Rules on How to get

Your Suspended eBay Account Back

In the world of fast growing E-commerce industry; eBay as one valuable platform for millions of merchants, create good account of slew ventures and opportunities in both business startups and oldfangled entrepreneurs. 


Building an eBay identity is never lenient. Like brand creation, there are series of demands to look forward to and list of rules/policy  to abide. Embodying the basics of eBay is a must; from sustainable dealt prices, sell-through-rates, relative volume of products to one selling venue etc. Hence; there are instances (no matter how much you personify culture and features of online mercantile) , you unintentionally fail to see lapses. And this happens everywhere, including eBay. 


So, you set-up an eBay account – perhaps by one recommended automation such, built number of clients and gain income from it. All is well until – boom! You received an email, “Your eBay seller account is suspended”.


FIRST RULE : Do not panic

Ideally, you have all rights to be hysterical. Yes your business is at risk and yes you won’t earn during suspension. But, you need to compose yourself and take steps for solution. Understand why you are suspended and how to make yourself back on track. 


Here’s a tip, scammers are everywhere! To verify that suspension email was indeed from eBay, check both addressee in your inbox and messages section of your eBay seller account. They are entitled to send both in email and eBay account inbox as to confirm notice of suspension. 


SECOND : Why are you suspended? 

Seller account on hold, under restrictions and suspension are three different things. If your eBay account is on hold, possibly you might have selling privileges again should you have settled payable issues (one main reason for holding) . Restrictions on side note, still same reason as “on hold” but you’re restricted to list certain products. Maybe because you have outstanding amounts to pack down which unfree your listing opportunities. SUSPENSION, however; somehow is the great dilemma of eBay sellers. A serious offense – in terms of selling – may have caused you to be suspended

What are the reasons for suspension?

Non-payment of eBay charges – Seller to buyer transaction should always be transparent. Should the buyer carted item via eBay, follow through negotiation such as proceed to order and payment should be inside eBay. No outside exchange or transfers should be made to keep away from eBay fees. 

Non-refund/ no reimbursements to buyerFailure to forward shipments or freights and order defects etc. are subject for conforming refund or reimbursement. Sellers are required to follow refund accordance to ensure customer satisfaction and not allowed to make any artifices as stratagem barter for positive feedback. 

Unauthorized listing or images Items with unregistered images are one most common case in eBay account suspension. There are also others who came forth to list prohibited items, these will lead to no further discussed suspension and withhold selling privileges for longer period.

Selling counterfeits / forged itemsSelling counterfeits or imitated items to deceive buyers is a serious offense. You may want to thoroughly plan your next steps if you want to have your account reinstated. Might as well hire appeal professionals such as etc. if you want expedited processes. 

 The Verified Rights Owner (VeRO)There are possible reports of infringements in one or some of your listings (perhaps unintended) and eBay create a VeRO program wherein rightful owners are allowed to question or request removal of any listing/ items that encroach Intellectual Property (IP) rights. A high regard of respect is given to all property owner’s rights to assure safe place commitment in eBay

 Others such as late shipping of orders (including via dropshipping), late tracking number upload or validation, high transaction of defect rate and failing to resolve cases raised by buyers in the Resolution Center are some reasons why eBay suspends seller accounts.

THIRD : Create detailed Plan of Action (POA) 

It’s real essential to have customary method / steps to achieve your desired end –  which is to get back on the roll with your eBay account. In order to carry this out successfully, you need to decipher these bulleted points:

ROOT CAUSE – you need to identify first main reason of your suspension, from there you will have an idea on what actions need to be done and how will you assure the same circumstance shall not re-occur. 

ADMIT WRONGDOING – you were able to pinpoint what went wrong and such thing wont happen if there are no mistakes. Always acknowledge what lapses are made and make sure it wont happen again. 

EMBODY POLICIES – go for extra mile and learn from your mistakes, review all things you need to review and apply it professionally. 

CREATE STRONG FOUNDATION – once you’re back on track and gain one shot of trust, cherish and be thankful for it. Cliché as it is, “It takes long era to gain trust and a second to break it”. Never do same mistake twice. 

FOURTH : Take it back. Appeal

EBay make sure buyers will have best of service from inclined sellers. They make it one top priority to ensure superb selling performance in order to let buyers shop in confidence. They have their Service Metrics for sellers to monitor and at the same time protection for sellers citations. Hence, should you have gathered all necessary data, here how to connect with eBay as appellant in ways of :

E-mail in Web form – reaching eBay through web form, go to access “Help” page fill out form of details. If there are error situation (which happens most), sign out from your eBay account and navigate to the link following the Help tool. You know you’re good to go if you reached an email box inside eBay’s customer support. 

Ring them up – if you’re a fan of talking things out rather than of E-mail or live chat links, this can be one best option. However, it may take you minutes of hold time before you can talk to assigned human support. EBay contact tool shall lead you to mostly to “Call” link, from there you can reach out to eBay or directly dial (+1 866 540 3229) as their noted digits. Don’t forget to prepare on hand : your eBay User ID, case reference number, date of email notification and email associated with eBay. 

EBay Discussion Boards and Answer Center – these are go-to hints should you have specifiable questions about your suspension. It’s a chain of eBay customer service  system and helping representatives are ready to give you aid by posting on boards or pop ins. 




Important Reminder!

Never create open or start new account to make lee way or avoid eBay suspension reinstatement procedures. This may led to permanent deactivation of your eBay account or worst – blocked. 

Key message:

In order to have your eBay account safe from suspension, you need to take gist of all tips you have been told online. Prevent such suspension by comprehending eBay rules thoroughly, verify suppliers authenticity and product description should be fair accurate. Lastly, seek experts advise ( or invest for account maintenance adhering key points and all up to date policies of eBay. 

Always remember to keep your seller identity as reputable as eBay; at end of the day, you share the same passion for business.

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