It’s Amazon’s World! As E-commerce Industry continue its noticeable trend of gaining constant popularity, a lot of business starts-ups indulged themselves on the Amazon selling platform. Having a set of high conforming standards following Terms of Service (ToS) of which Amazon holds, sellers are challenged to ensure everything in power to deliver best of quality customer service.

However, keeping the business safe and running still has lots of obstacles. No matter how much you accord with Amazon policies and create a large number of satisfying offers to have your products to be purchased, still buyers are capable to leave negative complaints – which will probably get your account suspended. 

Amazon seller account suspension mostly rooted on customer complaints which resulted income deprivation and unproductive trading duration to most merchants. To retain privileges you have acquired from Amazon and future circumstances incoming, here are covering areas of Amazon complaints and everything you need to know about them :


If you’ve been exposed as seller for quite long in Amazon, probably you encounter three common suspension cases a trader may have inclined into. 

  • Inauthentic Item Complaints –  sums up to poor product quality. Some product (be it Fulfillment by Amazon  or Fulfillment by Merchant), may adversary meet less adequate scrutiny in packaging. Products that execute foul smell, scratches, discoloration or exceeds its period of validity are undeniably identified as inauthentic. Preventing to have such discontent, get yourself best and authentic suppliers or perhaps engage in third party quality inspection services for excellent packaging and priority shipment. If possible, only transact with suppliers and distributors who had their authenticity certificates etc. 

  • Linked Accounts – creating an alternate or second seller account is a huge N-O (NO) and against in the Amazon (ToS). Amazon has their own way to track accounts using involved devices. If you happen to log in two separate accounts but are using the same phone, laptop or computer, if one account get to suspend perhaps the other one will likely to follow. Amazon has been reputedly serving customers in utmost selling transactions they could provide, if one seller could easily put up new account without settling suspension issues and unreinstated then it would diminish the protocol they opt to establish through decade. Quick tip: Always use your own personal device and avoid people to log into it to keep away from Linked Accounts circumstances. 

  • Intellectual Property Infringement – this IP infringement commonly happens when your product includes unpermitted images of people/celebrities or privately owned brands, graphics, logo and signature items. Unauthorized publication of replica items and on sale counterfeits through your amazon seller account directly lead to suspension. To guard yourself in associating from off-the-grid situation of IP infringement, register your business legally with your own brand name, logo and patent to establish proprietary rights. Top Takeaway : Seek experts advise if you’re unsure to submit outputs, they have their firm and updated database. Most reliable and suggested automation for brand creation such as build you your own identifying mark which can’t be forged or imitate by other competing sellers. 


  • Failure to verify account – for new sellers who opened an account in Amazon, you are required to submit necessary documents that proved your identity as a seller such as valid passport or state-issued driver’s license, bank account with matching address to I.D. given and utility bill etc. as proof of business address or residence. Amazon has all rights to ask further proof in order for you to continue rightful endowment to sell in Amazon. 

  •  Manipulating reviews – such exploit of selling goods or services that’s less in regular price or free in return of positive reviews can lead to suspension. Asking inorganic feedback and leaving negative comments on other seller to stir their selling operations is one serious act also. Making sales to strike on its finest, have the most credible product in the marketplace to sell. 

  • Velocity review – abrupt heighten sale transactions will surely alert instincts of reviewing amazon team. An account suspended due to reviewed, rapid increase of sales will have to provide amazon an official basis or proof to support that no discrepancy is occurring. Always reflect a gradual change in sales volume or transaction to create more transparent operation in selling. 

  • Product not as described – suspensions like these boil down perhaps from customer’s misread description on listing items or misrepresentation of the product. Other customers though unfortunately just want to have free items or refunds which is not our control. Always monitor listing and ensure products inclined are precisely as described and take immediate action should complaints arise. 

  • Code of Conduct Suspension – never give a false or misleading representation of your seller account or your ownership. Maintain account information, abide amazon policy and never list products or deem unsuitable behavior which may cause harm to customers. Avoid ad hoc solutions when you’ve run-in to such suspension. Never attend cases in off-the-cuff manner; always be professional. 


  1. Seller Cancellations – do not cancel orders, amazon has no sympathy on sellers who do not conduct service just because of unmanaged audit or others. To avoid non-accommodation of buying intents , confirm and monitor products by building better management on itemized listing. 

  1. Customer Response Time – do not ignore or disregard customer messages, missed ones can lead to your account’s suspension. You can install Amazon app as one solution, this can directly notify your account if there’s a message poppin in your inbox. 

  1. Negative Feedback – Amazon’s seller feedback should not go below 90% and a negative one should not exceed up to 3%. Amazon is much dedicated to customers, unfortunately there are shoppers on skill with conflict and purposely put you on unfavorable circumstances. When this happen, don’t forget to appeal and ask help if you need it. Appeal services such as can definitely be one aid for you. 

  1. Refund – this is one fronting headache to any seller. If the customer demand for refund, make sure his/her claim are legitimate or there are accurate specifics of product claimed to be defective etc. 

  1. A-z claims – appearing frequently can be either “Items not received” or “Order returned” yet both epitome to refund requests. There are cases that customer complain for seller’s who didn’t respond for span of two days. If your team are confident that product delivered are best in condition, offer perhaps return shipping and commit to release refunds after you acquire your delivered product back. 

Amazon has put retail fledglings in the map of e-commerce profit-making. For the past few years, it has been one refuge of sellers in making online trade transactions conveniently.

Embrace the rights granted as peculiar benefit given not only by Amazon, but other online selling pedestal mirroring such. Thrust business by transparently aiming high degree of professionalism while adhering most valuable morale in online entrepreneurship. Greater heights for customer satisfaction is one fronting mission of Amazon.