Amazon Assassins

Account Reinstatement


- Potentially Inauthentic (Supply Check)
- Listing & Page Detail Discrepancies
- Sale of Prohibited Product/s
- Item Condition Complaints
- ODR (Order Defect Rate)
- Verification
- Fair Pricing Policy


- Inauthentic Complaints
- IP Complaints Right Owner Notice of Infringement
- Selling Prohibited Products
- Expired Items
- Counterfeits
- Dropshipping Policy
- Code of Conduct

- Linked Accounts
- Multiple Accounts
- Unique Case



New Services

Amazon Assassins


$1200 + $500/month

This service is a monthly maintenance service that we not only prepare your account/business to be a more traditional business (includes basic shopify store), but we also analyze your current suppliers, vetting processes, logistics and staffing to make sure it’s compliant with Amazon and other marketplaces and then we go over items you can and can’t list on amazon unless you have brand approval or are ungated.


(Includes Wholesale Document Acquisition)

We go over MAP pricing rules to ensure brands don’t report violations or make potential IP complaints. We also try ensure brands/IP police do not make false IP complaints in the first place but if they do we also help you work with them to remove them. We also help with getting ungated with suppliers and brands you may want to sell on amazon but never could before and we make sure invoices and letters of authorization are always on hand and always right format for amazon to easily read and approve.

We help determine pre-plans of actions for warnings or complaints from amazon, other sellers or even buyers and should amazon ask for explanation’s we thoroughly review with you and help you determine best plan of attack and what to respond based on your relationships and documentation. We also make sure ODR preventive measures are in place right from the beginning and whether it’s an old supplier or new supplier we successfully review them without allowing your metrics to be at risk.


No matter the reason we make sure you’re aware, educated and have all you need to never allow suspensions to happen in the first place. In the case you do ever get suspended you’ll receive a free credit towards our moderate appeal service.

*Disclaimer- This service DOES NOT handle your customer service, logistics, etc. We are monitoring and ensuring on a weekly/monthly bases your account stays in the best health possible and should we see signs of concern we help you through preventive measures to safe guard you from suspensions.

This service specifically transitions your account no matter where you’ve coming from into becoming more of a traditional business with a shopify store and Vetted Wholesale supplier relationships amazon approves of with documentation that can be used to ungate in categories and brands you may want to sell in but also give you documentation on hand to show amazon who your suppliers are and if you have authorization letters from the brands/distributors.


This service gives your business more security not just from amazon but with the brands/brand police that may make false IP complaint acquisitions so you can quickly work things out with the brands and with amazon to avoid suspensions in the first place. Obviously, there’s a right and wrong way to resell on amazon so this service makes

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