Amazon Seller Suspension Insurance

Guarding Your Amazon Business

As Amazon continues to dominate the world of E-Commerce, a lot of entrepreneurs across the globe utilize its  platform as tool expanse to promote e-shopping  and do product-selling online. With millions of active merchants worldwide, Amazon has built their own Terms of Service (ToS) and mandated strict compliance with Amazon Seller Policy standards to ensure best customer satisfaction and maintain established rapport to clientage. 

However, with vast evolving change in Amazon seller works, there are instances that over sighted complaints led to Account deactivation. What’s the worst nightmare being an Amazon Seller? Yes, Account Suspension. As much as how much you want to keep the business safe, no one can guarantee that you won’t have your account suspended. 

Luckily, reinstatement heroes like, will have your Amazon account on back-up and give you essential steps on how to reinstate amazon suspended account.

Reasons of Amazon Seller Suspension

Amazon, one of the world’s largest company sets high standards of conformity to have their sellers provide customers not only great shopping experience but also quality made transactions. It’s not a rare occurrence to have an account suspended since they have this layering approach to ensure their service. Here are some reasons why get your account suspended: 

  • Inauthentic Item Complaints – sums up to poor product quality. 
  • Linked Accounts – you may have created an alternate/ second seller account, a huge NO. 
  • Intellectual Property Infringement – unauthorised publish of images/ replica items or counterfeits. 
  • Account Verification – for new sellers to submit required documents. 
  • Review Manipulation – you give discounts or free items in exchange for positive reviews. 
  • Order Defect Rate – A to z claims etc.

Amazon Seller Account Shield

If you’re an Amazon Seller, you might have been enjoying your privileges on selling goods and services through Amazon. You have your account health properly maintained yet still having thoughts of how ill-fated scenario could it be if your account get suspended anytime from now. Well, you actually just need to do yourself a favor, sign up for Amazon Seller Suspension Insurance and worry nothing about how to put yourself back on track – if and if unfortunately you got suspended. 

What’s Amazon Suspension Insurance? 

Once your Amazon Seller Account got suspended, your sales and payments are to halt, your expenses – delivery pay-outs, warehouse rentals, payrolls, etc. – can mount all up and yes you can characterize it as doomed, we get that. But what if you have it all backed up? Amazon Suspension Insurance got you covered in most areas of damage that account suspension may get you. From lost sales to expenses, they give you insured ways to continuously sell on Amazon with no profit losses. 

Amazon Suspension Insurance Claim

Let’s say you got it all prepared, signed up for Insurance, sadly got suspended and now wants to make your claim. Now here’s what you need to do. 

  1. Call your Insurance provider as soon as you get your account suspended. Give your information and apply for a claim. 
  2. Hire the best appeal service providers in town – such as – and get your account reinstated in most professional process (No worries, your insurance provider have it covered). 
  3. Note the insurance coverage. There are policies that will start to give you the compensation coverage 3 to 5 days after the date of suspension. Make sure to be guided on insurance 
  4.  Provide your sales journal, profit / loss records, expenses etc. during the suspension period. Your claim will be based and calculated on that. 
  5. Give them your Seller Central read-only access to support reports. 
  6. Reinstated! After you got your seller account back, heads up your insurance provider for coverage pay-outs. 

On Suspension Insurance 

While growing numbers of Amazon suspension experts are advising sellers the what’s do or don’t, a lot still; are surprisingly hesitant to take steps on insurance providers. There are others who think it’s an aggressive form of marketing, who would offer such advantages anyway?

Think about it, you’ll pay for your reinstatement process the same way as you pay for insurance. Suspension insurance guards your account while your reinstatement is in procedural progress, they also cover the fees you subject for your reinstatement team. Just be sure to have your best service providers and consultants to keep the business going.

Note : Suspension insurance can be availed for Private Labels, Arbitrage, Wholesale businesses etc. 

Keeping your Business on Guard

Guarding your business specially in the Amazon has never been easy. Amazon has been – continually – firm in their ToS and no amazon seller can avoid account suspension to occur. In entirety, getting yourself an Amazon Seller Insurance can be your best guard and guided defense when all else in your account safety comes to fail. Always be prepared, plot out a plan and respond with patience; that’s how making your business keep moving. 

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